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Chauffeur Billing

Global Limo Alliance

The reverse action price you see on a job offer is the minimum we will transfer to you without deductions.

Please make sure you check the following before accepting an offer:

  • Distance and Locations
  • Extra Stops
  • Request: Meet & Greet, Car seats, Pets, etc

Only extra charges are allowed after the ride is finished with modifications in the pre-arranged service.

We send payments every week, but the payment cycle is three weeks.

  • First Week:  Start Monday and end Sunday. (we group all your weekly rides.)
  • Second Week: We allow clients to dispute charges and prepare payments
  • Third Week: we send payments from Monday to Friday (most of the time, Monday or Tuesday).


Payment Method:

  • Direct Deposit (US accounts only)
  • PayPal (International)
  • Payoneer (International)
  • Credit Card (Affiliate method)



  1. We like a paper trail; if you have any billing disputes, please contact the billing department using the form below.
  2. If you are in financial distress and need to speed up the payment, please contact the billing department; we do not deduct any extra but reserve this option for exceptional circumstances.

1099 Form (U.S. Only)

At the end of the year, we will issue a 1099 form, you should receive it by the second week in January. if need a copy pls contact us.

Contact Billing

Please use this form to contact our billing department