For Customers

Billing Questions?

Please Call Our Ext. 3 from Monday to Friday, or leva us a voicemail.

Wedding and Events

Our experts will make it easier for you. Please call extension 4.

Oversize Luggage?

Chat via phone or text with a Dispatcher (Ext. 1) who understands better on Vehicles.

For the safety of the driver and to avoid any billing mistake drivers do not accept cash.

Gratuity is optional. You are free to add a tip, and chauffeurs are free to accept tips.

In-app tipping is not available. You may need to call, text, or email us and request to add a tip for your chauffeur. You can always tip your driver in cash if you’d like.

The Executive Class is the traditional limousine service, with the newest luxury vehicles, driven by top senior chauffeurs dressed in black suits and white shirt, and black tie or scarf.

Our Business Class is our most popular service. Dark Vehicles in Perfect mechanical and visual Condition with Leather Seats and experienced chauffeurs.

The Economy Class is for the occasional tourist when traveling on a budget. It May be an apprentice driver in a regular vehicle, but our team monitor rides 24/7 for safety and punctuality.

Stops: In all transfers or airport runs, each time the driver has to stop the car to pick up or drop off a passenger, luggage, or any other good, an Extra Stop fee is charged.

Parking: Airport Arrivals with Meet and Greet will be subject to a standard fee plus any extra airport fee and parking incurred.

Early Morning Late Night Fee: Late night rates apply for Pick up time between 11:00 PM and 3:00 AM. Early morning rates apply for Pick Up time between 3:00 AM and 5:59 AM.

Car Seats:  Passengers with children are encouraged to bring their car seats. They can rent car seats from us; we will charge a fee for each seat), which the drivers must allow passengers to install.

Sanitation & Damage Fee: Damages to Vehicles or Cleaning and sanitation Fee including but not limited to tobacco use, alcohol, food, or trash spillage, broken glasses, upholstery rips or replacement, vomit, or any interior or exterior damage caused by the Renter or party of the Renter.

Yes. The grace period starts at the scheduled pick-up time.

Domestic Arrivals: 30 Minutes Free.

International Arrivals: 60 Minutes Free.

For Transfers and departures:

Economy Class 5', Business Class 10', and Executive Class is 15'.

We offer “meet and greet” and curbside service.

CurbSide: When your flight arrives, your chauffeur will text you. Once readyPls, Call/Text the driver directly, then your chauffeur will pull to the curbside where U R standing with a sign on the dashboard with your name

Meet & Greet: Driver will Meet you inside the terminal and hold a sign with Passenger’s name.

Chauffeurs will not leave you stranded if your flight is "delayed." Your chauffeur will monitor your flight before leaving and adjust the time they go accordingly. Chauffeurs will wait for your flight. There is an Extended Grace period for flights diverted at the last minute (less than 30′). In case of a cancellation, please get in touch with us to inform us of the new flight number or if you need to cancel the reservation.

Garage time is the time that it takes for the vehicle from the garage to the pickup location (Garage-Out) and from the final drop-off location to the vehicle garage (Garage-In)
The garage location is not an exact address but the primary place where the vehicle usually stands (main airport or major city).

There are two main reasons:


There is a limit to the hours a driver can be on the road. 

  • The driver may drive up to 11 hours but is limited to 14 hours in a duty period.


  • The 14-hour duty period may not be extended with off-duty time for holidays, meals, fuel stops, etc. Drivers must take a mandatory 30-minute break by their eighth hour of coming on duty.


Other Users may have booked the driver or vehicle, and we do not want to double book or risk being late.


We recommend informing the chauffeur ASAP; we will do our best to reschedule the chauffeur’s next ride so the passenger keeps the same driver, but this is not guaranteed, we have to make sure the next trip is covered first, or sometimes we may have to switch drivers.
The overtime rate will apply only to the hours you extend the service.